Meet Erica



I’ve been supporting families in their childbearing year since 2008 and became part of the professional birth and parenting community serving West Michigan in 2014. As a highly skilled communicator, educator and encourager, I specialize in transformative growth and empowerment. I believe birth and parenting are significant pathways to discovery and find great joy and honor in supporting families as they journey through their transition.

As a doula, I’m known for providing compassionate, inclusive and respectful care for the entire family. I do my best to support parents in discovering and owning their soul connection to their children as well as how to embrace and utilize that connection for maximum benefit and growth. I’m firmly committed to the power of a peaceful transition, be it in birth, bringing baby home or simply embracing parenthood. I also believe that guiding children in play and exploration is a gift that opens their pathway to creativity and discovery. It is a great joy and honor to lead families as they share that gift together and my Tinkergarten classes are a wonderful extension of that.

As a mom, I am passionate about the power of presence and authenticity. I live in Mid Michigan with my husband, Jason, our 4 vivacious kids and 5 rescue pets.  I love experiencing the 4 seasons of The Mitten with my family, especially the cool mornings and warm days of autumn. In an ultimate moment of self-care, you will probably find me sitting by a bon fire or on the beach, my crochet bag close by and one of my eclectic playlists shuffling on iTunes. Coffee or hard cider are most likely involved as well! On a more realistic day, you’ll find me making dinner or baking something from my Good Eats board on Pinterest while dancing, singing and laughing with my kids in the kitchen. I promise there are dirty dishes in the sink, a heap of laundry that needs attention in the basement and at least 12 messes that need my attention as well ::wink::

One of my guiding principals is to make classes, prenatal, birth and postpartum doula support be accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances. I trust your discernment in knowing if adjusted fees and payment arrangements would be of benefit to you and do not require proof of need in order to qualify or take part. Please do not hesitate to contact me to see how we can work together! It is truly my passion to walk with you on your journey with a welcoming heart and open mind. I look forward to sharing that passion with your family as we discover your unique gifts and grow them, together!

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